Thursday, 5 April 2012

Family Adventure: Animates

Miss A has been begging me to take her to the pet shop everytime we head out to the Base. And something always prevents us from going, either we've spent more time at the mall then planned or Master K has fallen asleep or I have to get ready for work! So Sunday we had nothing planned and checked out the new pet shop in town, not as big as the Te Rapa one but still fun!

They had a great time watching the animals being fed, I think it made Master K hungry, he was chewing on the glass!
I really want a turtle or two as well! But the setup and looks really expensive, and I really suck at cleaning fish tanks out so doubt I would be any better with the turtles.  The rabbits are so cute too! I wouldn't mind a couple of them but I don't think our Mookie would be too keen! 
Miss A thought the rodents were super cute! Eeewww! No thank you!!!! She is a huge animal lover, anything and everything is cute! Master K would just squish or pull hair off the animals or even try to taste them.

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