Friday, 6 April 2012


Welcome to another week of Things I'm Loving thanks to Paisley Jade!!!! I love her TIM this week! Congrats on the anniversary Kristy!!

Today is Good Friday, I'm loving a day with my family (but my Huni has now gone to play tennis with his bestie)! I'm loving that we have been to the lake for a play and Mumma got to go for a run for the first time in ages!!!

I am loving Hot Cross Buns
warmed up with butter inside

I am loving Easter treats
from our lovely neighbour

And I am definitely loving these 
I feel sorry for all the Kiwis in Ozzie who don't have
these easily available over there!

Oh and I am also loving this:

Getting out in the garden.
Miss A loves planting flowers that she can pick and gift to people. She has planted panseys and sweet peas while I have planted my fave flowers for spring
Freesias and Daffodils 

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