My gosh time is flying so fast. You are now 2 years old! Today you went to daycare with a cake to share with your friends. This weekend we will have a party with your cousins and also go to Kelly Tarltons. I really can't wait to see what you think of all the fish and penguins there.

We moved you to Clever Kids a month ago, it has been a wee bit harder then I had thought, you were in such a comfy environment and moved to a much more busier and louder care but you are really doing great. Your teachers adore you and I hear you are making good friends.

I love you my son, to the moon and back.

Time is flying and you are growing up so fast my son. Your fave words are Truck, Helicopter, ChooChoo, Pig  Oink Oink, and Sheep Baaaaaa. You are such a kind and caring little boy. I love the way you give me hugs and kisses. But you can also be such a boy, testing what is right and wrong, but that is the way too learn, and you learn quickly.

This is you with legends Stacey Jones, Jerry Seuseu 
and a couple of the training team. 

You are so brave son and love to test your limits.

Last night, we were skyping Oma and Papa, and you walked! And you wouldn't stop! You stumbled, but got yourself up! Mumma was in tears! I was so proud of you!

And everyday, you make me laugh. As soon as you hear music, you get on the ground and dance. You are trying to be independent, tonite feeding yourself and drinking water from a sippy. Oh! And you said THANK YOU! Very clearly. Good Boy!

Come on son! Lets start sleeping thru the night, please?! But apart from that, you are awesome. I can see you concentrating on things and working out how they work, you have a lot of toys to sit with and figure them out. It's great to watch you playing. You are so close to walking but crawling is so much quicker at the moment. Trying to get you out of the bath is a mission, I can't wait to take you to the pools to give you a good swim!

One year old my son. Golly! How time flies. You are growing up so fast. You aren't quite walking yet but you are very proud of yourself when you find things to push around and walk. At the moment your 6th tooth is trying to come thru but is giving you a hard time. So is the freezing cold weather that has given you a snotty nose. But you still manage to smile the day away!
Today we met up with your June Bug buddies, boy did you have a great time slobbering over everyone!
Your sister is starting school soon, so this is going to be a big change for you! Only two weeks left with her at Julie's house! I bet you will miss her, you just love following her around and copying what she does. If she is eating something you have to give it a go too!
We had such a cool birthday party for you and sister. Heaps of friends and family came to sing you and sister happy birthday. Even though you must have been super tired you still kept on smiling and playing with the balloons and bubbles! You are so loving and caring and full of happiness. Love you so much baby boy!

You now have 4 teeth! It has been a relief since they have come thru, because now you are sleeping much better, still night right thru the night, but getting there! You are also standing, and Dadda told me you took a step last night! Yay you! 1 more month until you are 1! Party time!

This morning you started playing peekaboo with Mumma! Super cute! And I've noticed you try to woof when you hear a dog bark! Clever boy!

You finally cut your first tooth! Your teeth have been giving you grief for a while, I just hope they start coming down soon because they are upsetting you really badly.

My son, you are growing up so fast, you are 9 months old today, you have been crawling for 3 weeks and you clap and dance to music! I love how your face brightens up when you see Big Sister and Dadda too. I love your chubby cheeks that are just too delicious and super kissable and your chunky little thighs and fat little feet. I love how you look up at me when you are having a shush. I love how you can warm a strangers heart with your smile. I love how you can show so much love yet you are so little. You are such a joy, my son. I love you more and more each day.

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