Your brother loves you. He loves to copy you, learn from you, play with you and even sleep with you! 


You are doing awesome at school baby girl. It was a tough first week, lots of tears and heartache but you fit in very well now. I love picking you up every afternoon, you skip along holding my hand, saying goodbye to your classmates. You tell me what songs you've learnt and the letter you have to learn. Sometimes you don't feel like doing homework as soon as we get home but that's ok, we have a play outside and some afternoon tea with Kauri. Sometimes you get frustrated when you make a mistake, but that is ok, you just have to keep practicing. I love when you realise you can do it. 



Look at you being an awesome big sister!

Today we went to Farmers to buy you some clothes and went for coffee too, then we went to Resene so you can choose some wallpaper samples, one day we will decorate your room just the way you want! So many choices!

My beautiful girl, you turned 5 last Sunday, I cannot believe how the time has flown by. I remember the night you were born and how I felt when you lay on my chest for the first time, the day we bought you home, your first christmas and the first time I had to leave you with Julie and go back to work. I remember your first birthday, and the party we had. And now we have just celebrated your 5th birthday and now counting down the days until you start school. 2 more weeks. I know you will grow up all of a sudden and be so much wiser. But you will always be my baby girl. I love you so much. You have bought so much joy and happiness into our lives and I look forward to watching you grow up.

Today I can't stop thinking about how time has flown by and it is only 8 weeks until you turn 5 and then a few weeks after that you will be starting school! It's such a big deal! I will miss you so much because I won't be able to keep you home on my days off when I want you to stay home with me. I know you will have a great time and you are ready to go and I can't wait to pick you up after school and hear all about your day and help you learn to read.
Oh I am sure Kauri will miss you too! He loves following you around the house and he just loves it when you play tickles with him. You are a great big sister and helper for mum. I really love how you want to help, last nite you dried the dishes, tonite you helped me make chocolate pudding. And I love how you can't wait for Dadda to say "I'm going to bed now", you jump up ever so quickly and kiss me goodnite, then snuggle in with Dadda until I come and move you to your bedroom.

My beautiful girl! We were so excited that we were going to have you. And you have now grown in to such an amazing little being. You have bought so much joy to our lives, you have changed us both for the better and we look forward to watching you blossom.
You were born in the middle of winter, 24th June 2007. We named you Anakiwa after watching a doco about a fascinating and beautiful place at the top of the South Island, your Dadda just loved the name. Your middle name, Waimarea, is a family name that means "spirited water". You are very spirited.
You are a fascinating little creature, we love to watch you play and create. You love to dance, you love to paint, to write letters to me and Dadda, Papa and Oma and Aunties. You love playing outside, climbing trees and swinging upside-down. I love you how love to learn new things and always eager to help me in the kitchen, either baking or doing the dishes.
You are a fantastic big sister! You love your little brother and enjoy playing mother hen most days! I love that you were so excited when it was time for Mumma to go back to work just so you could have Kauri with you at Julies all day. Thank you for being a great big sister and my little helper.

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