Friday, 31 August 2012


I am feeling the need to do a T.I.L post this week, it has been a pretty good week, apart from the terrible tummy bug my Huni and I suffered at the weekend.


My Favourite scented flower! I don't think I planted enough though.

Yesterday she received her first award, stood up and spoke in 
assembly and voted best dancer with her buddy

2 different samples of coffee
The poems to go with the Ninja Cookie Drops
and Make a Wish newsletter, my neph is in it!
(you can see him in the top letter, middle square in blue)

with the help of The Sisterhood

I am loving the sound of the Tui echoing in the gully.

Ninja Cookie Drop

I am so excited to be apart of this awesome concept thanks to Sophie and The Sisterhood, check her blog for more deets.
She came up with a fantastic idea to send Love Bombs out to people who have had a tough run and in need of a pick me up. Sisters all over NZ send Sophie things like vouchers for coffee or a choc bar, bodywashes etc and these are packaged up and sent on to someone who has been nominated. There are some really sad stories and it's just a little something to help brighten their day.
Recently, Sophie put out the call for bakers keen to donate time and baking to do a Ninja drop, of course I put my hand up! So have been busy in the kitchen this morning then receive an awesome pack of poems and ribbons to decorate the deliveries!
There is still a little time if you know someone in NZ that deserves a bit of homebaking! Here's the link......

I'll post pics of finished product just before they get delivered!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Guess What!!!!

The Daffodils and Freesias are blooming and my fruit trees are blossoming! We really need to get the vegie garden sorted so we can start sowing! I wonder how many tomatoes we should put in this year! What are you growing?

Friday, 24 August 2012

Menu Plan

I've heard this week that the price of lamb is going to go down even further!!!! YAY! We love lamb but it is just so dang expensive! Until now. I scored a couple of kilos of lamb bits for $5, this will be perfect for Rogan Josh. And hopefully the price does go down, would love to do a nice leg roast. Mmmmmm.

Next week is the start of 30ths for us! Love getting together with friends and family and sharing food and wine is awesome!

Has everyone been to the store Reduced to Clear?! I love that shop! There is usually great bargains to be found, ie. 5 pack of large GLUTEN FREE pizza bases - $5.99. Yes that is right!!! Haven't tried them yet but they do look good! A kilo of Filo - $3.99, or my fave bargain, a kilo of frozen, diced red capsicum $3.99!!!

MONDAY      Lamb Rogan Josh
TUESDAY      Curried Beef Mince Pies
WEDNESDAY  Spaghetti Bolognaise
THURSDAY    Homemade Burgers
FRIDAY        Takeout
SATURDAY     We are away this weekend! Aunty Bs 30th!
SUNDAY       Won't feel like cooking but you could have a roast maybe? It is            FATHERS DAY

MONDAY      Meat and Vege Pasties
TUESDAY      Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas
WEDNESDAY   Mac Cheese
THURSDAY    Homemade Pizzas
FRIDAY        Chorizo and Caramelised Onion Tart
SATURDAY    Another 30th to attend!
SUNDAY      Milk-braised Pork