Friday, 31 August 2012

Ninja Cookie Drop

I am so excited to be apart of this awesome concept thanks to Sophie and The Sisterhood, check her blog for more deets.
She came up with a fantastic idea to send Love Bombs out to people who have had a tough run and in need of a pick me up. Sisters all over NZ send Sophie things like vouchers for coffee or a choc bar, bodywashes etc and these are packaged up and sent on to someone who has been nominated. There are some really sad stories and it's just a little something to help brighten their day.
Recently, Sophie put out the call for bakers keen to donate time and baking to do a Ninja drop, of course I put my hand up! So have been busy in the kitchen this morning then receive an awesome pack of poems and ribbons to decorate the deliveries!
There is still a little time if you know someone in NZ that deserves a bit of homebaking! Here's the link......

I'll post pics of finished product just before they get delivered!

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