On Pinterest, I have a board called Must Make. It is full with all these ideas, things to bake, things to make, things to sew, just a heap of things I Must Make! I also get an email, every few days, from a site called All Free Sewing. I have bookmarked a lot of things from this site it is crazy, but now I have to actually make these things.

Tonight, I had a look at a few ideas and found something that I really, really, really need to make: A Bedside Organiser. Miss A is a very impressive hoarder. If you've seen my March Photo a Day challenge #4, that is not the worst of it! I will find books down the side of the bed, under and in; pens and notebooks have been found too! So I will make time this week to attempt to make at least one of these! I will let you know how it goes!

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