Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Been Busy!!!

Well, last week was sooooo super busy and this is why.....

 My parents and sisters live in the awesome city of Wellington, last week was full of visits! Papa came up for an overnighter for a job interview (which he got and we are SUPER DUPER excited about). The next day, Oma, Aunty Midge and Aunty Banana flew up for 4 days! In that time, we lunched and shopped and explored the Hamilton Gardens!
This Mumma had an evening out with Oma and Aunties on Thursday, went to a wedding expo at the Novotel, then found a bar that does AH-MAZING cocktails and dessert (took a while to arrive but was worth the wait), then to the casino for a bit of a flutter!
Also, a movie night was had! I'm glad it was just a oncer because I'm trying really, really hard not to eat after 7 to loose these last couple of kilos!
Was such a great time with them all! Missed them as soon as they left, the kids just love the extra loving!

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