Saturday, 24 March 2012

Things I'm Loving

Here's a great theme for a weekly (or maybe fortnightly!) post from Paisley Jade!

V Iced Coffee
Unfortunately stock around the country has run out.

Lemon Coconut Cake and my Bundt Cake Tin
Can't get enough lemons at the mo. But my own tree is not 
producing any fruit yet so have to forage for them.

Whanau Time
Always full of laughter, happiness and lots of AROHA!

My Children
I love how my daugther loves to be arty farty
I love how my son is such a boy and is already keen to 
go for adventures in Daddas ute!


  1. That cake looks divine....I love to cook with our lemons. xx

    1. Thanks Bron! It truly is a delicious cake. I will post the recipe up when I get a chance! I've had a browse around your sites, I LOVE your aprons! I wish I could make such amazing things. I do hope to attempt to make a bag or two sometime soon! x

  2. Just wanted to introduce myself! Your cooking looks amaze, can't wait to try out some recipes, those chocolate baked rolls .... omg I can just about smell them!
    Melissa @

    1. Thanks Melissa! I'm loving trying out different flavours in scrolls! Nutella would be delish too I think! Nom Nom!
      I just had a quick look at your blog, I think I'm going to enjoy reading it! x