Thursday, 1 March 2012

Must Get Back On Track

I have a few major things I want to do this year but if I am completely honest with myself, I am not that great with money, if funds are starting to look good, I think that I can spend a little. We want to add a few essential things to the home, upgrade the car and would love to take the kids over to the land of Oz for a holiday. But before we start saving for that we need to clear the overdrafts! So here is a list of things Mumma must do to get back on track:
  • I have rejoined Simple Savings and bought the $21 Challenge book. 
  • Keep Meal Planning 
  • Don't stray so much from the shopping list (even if that wine is really yummy and super cheap!)
  • No buying lunch at work, make my lunch when preparing the kids lunches
  • Takeaways once a month only
That's all I have at the mo! Any other tips would be greatly appreciated!

YAY! My copy of $21 Challenge arrived! Can't wait to learn ways to be more thrifty!


MONDAY        -   Stuffed Potatoes with Salad
TUESDAY        -   Thai Pork Burgers
WEDNESDAY -  Corn Fritters
THURSDAY     -   Thai Green Chicken Curry
FRIDAY           -    BLTs
SATURDAY     -   We are in Auckland so whatever goes!
FRIDAY           -   Roast Chicken

Next week I will also add breakfast and lunch ideas too! Makes it so much easier for me! And twice a week I want to plan a bake day, this week I'm planning on WheatFree Macadamia and White Choc Bikkies and a White Choc Mudcake as promised to my workmates! Also, Cinnamon Pinwheels with cream cheese icing, thanks Aunty Mandy!!!!

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