Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Must Recommend!

Flicking through the magazines that come in the weekend papers and I came across an article about the Art of Homemaking and how it is making a comeback! It featured a mum and her daughter and how they liked to have tea parties and also mentioned some of the blogs she loves to read, like Mouse House for example. Sounds familiar!
And another Mum who stalked blogs for ideas for her sons 1st birthday (again.... familiar!), but to buy all the awesome things that these American mums have available to them is just ridiculously overpriced here or hard to source! So she has started an online store called Dots N Spots! I am just drooling over everything on her site! SUPER CUTE!
But I have to remember.... I am trying to save money. Must get back on track! But look at the paper lanterns and the invites and the cupcake cups and wrappers! Ooh! She even does themes! Eek! Stop looking NOW!

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