Sunday, 4 March 2012

Te Ra o Nga Tamariki

Today is Childrens Day, and a beautiful day it is!
This morning we took Master K and Miss A with the dog to the Hamilton Gardens, instead of the usual route down by the river we found a new path that took us to a Russian bell tower that has an amazing view over the gardens!

We've walked around the gardens so many times yet I'd never been up here! It will be great for wedding photos (another little thing I enjoy doing), especially if it is a rainy day!

We spent a good hour or so down there then came home to make Wheat-free Pancakes for breakfast. I used Cafe Style Pancake recipe from Destitute Gourmet Sophie Grays book ENJOY! They were gobbled up before I could take a pic of these light, fluffy, delish pancakes but will post the recipe later.

After putting Master K down for a sleep and doing the housework, Miss A and I whipped up some cupcakes for our lunch time treat....

Then lunch out on the deck in the beautiful Autumn sunshine. Master K must have known it was lunch time, woke up just as we finished setting the table!

My babies mean the world to me, I can't imagine life without them now. Even with all the frustrations that come with raising a very strong minded little girl and a baby that just loves to make sure Mumma can hear him during the night, sometimes several times a night, we have so much fun, enjoy laughing and dancing and just being together. 

I love you my babies. You will always be my babies even when you are all growed up. Thank you for bringing me laughter and happiness and so much love. You make my heart skip a beat. I look forward to creating many memories with you both.
Forever yours, Mumma.

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