Friday, 16 March 2012

Mummas Cooking in the Kitchen!

Super Happy to have my mixer back after it's 3rd time away being fixed! Hopefully, the last too! So I got all inspired to do a massive bake fest! Ends up I didn't actually need the mixer for anything!

Here's my list I had at the beginning of the day:

  • Cinnamon Pinwheels with Cream Cheese Icing
  • Raisin Loaf
  • Tui Flower's Brownie
  • Macadamia Bikkies
  • WheatFree Peanut Butter Cookies
  • Bread for tonites Dinner - BLTs
Well, I started off doing great, until I realised I didn't have all the essential ingredients for some of the things on my list! And I need to stop going to the supermarket everytime I run out of one or two things, because I end up with way more, like a bottle or two of wine!!! So I used some imagination when it came to the pinwheels which needed brown sugar...

I searched the pantry for what else could make a tasty treat of deliciousness?  When I was younger mum made a chocolate spread that rivalled nutella by far! So I softened 100g butter, mixed in a couple of spoonfuls of cocoa, a few drops of vanilla essence and a few spoonfuls of icing sugar. I have a bag of unshelled Macadamia nuts from Farro Fresh at Te Awa, shelled a few and chopped them up. Rolled out the dough, spread out the chocolate and sprinkled on the nuts, rolled up, sliced and baked! Just before end of cooking (and once they were out of oven cooling) I poured over maple syrup and dusted with icing sugar! Yum!

My bread didn't turn out as planned though, it proved perfectly, and was shaping up excellent but timing just wasn't right and I had left it on the bench while we went out for Miss A's swimming lesson. I really should have just given it a knead and reshape, lesson learnt for next time! Should still make yummy BLTs....

What a day! It has just gone past 3pm and I have just had lunch! 

But loads of baking done, house is clean, washing is getting sundried and both babies are snoring!!! Love it!

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