Friday, 17 May 2013

KIDSPOT REVIEW: Maggies Stirfry Creations is my current go to site for dinner ideas, lunchbox ideas, activities to do with the kiddiwinx. They often have mummas review different products, so I signed up to review Maggies Stirfry, and it was pretty good! The hardest part was chopping up the vegies! I will add this to the next menu plan for when my Huni might have to cook dinner!

 My son really loved it too!

1. Prep your choice of vegies and dice chicken breast. Mix Infusion Paste thru chicken, sit for a few minutes.
2. Heat a little oil and cook chicken. Add vegies and cook a few more minutes.
3. I tossed through Udon noodles then the 2nd sauce pouch, then spinach leaves. Heat thru.
4. Eat!

Thanks to Kidspot for allowing me to join in the review panel!

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