Sunday, 12 May 2013

Happy Mothers Day!

This morning I was woken by my beautiful son who gave me nice warm snuggles and then handed me a card he had made with Dadda last night, very cute! Then he left and came back with a 2nd card, he had made this one at playgroup during the week! My gorgeous daughter finally woke up and gave me more warm hugs then gave me another card she had made all by herself. Inside it said:

"To My Mum,
I love you because you make me breakfast
Love Anakiwa"

Here they are all lined up...

Then Mum came over and we headed off to the Jennian Homes Mothers Day FunRun/Walk
5km in 29 minutes!

Then we went back home and enjoyed the beautiful Autumn sun, pottered around the garden for a bit, cooked dinner, spent more time in the sun with Miss A while Master K was snoring and then off to work for the evening.

Hope all you Mummas out there had a great day, filled with love! xxx

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