Friday, 1 June 2012

The Week that Was

So the week started with a trip over to Thames for the start of my Dads new job! We checked out his new place, a fully furnished rental with room for us to stay! Sheep for lawnmowers, a beautiful deck with a window in the kitchen that opens onto a bar, what's it called? Freak I know there is a name for it! lol! So after that, we headed to his new work place for his powhiri (welcoming), the singing was amazing and the kai afterwards was delish! The staff are all very friendly too, Master K was being passed around happily! 

Then my sister and I went to a gig in town. Black Seeds! They were totally amazing! Such an awesome performance! AND I met lead singer Barnaby Weir! Yay Me!

I realised that my baby girl is no longer a baby, she is soon to be big school girl! Eek! Check out the attitude.
And while dealing with a Miss Attitude tantie, mid nappy change, Master K got himself off the couch, to crawl outside to help himself to the chocolate milk big sister left on the picnic blanket on the deck! Oh what a big boy he is now.

 Went exploring in town, Miss A found a coconut tree to imitate!
And she taught Master K how to lick the bowl and the spatula after Mumma has got the baking in the oven!

And I finally finished my first no sew tutu! Pretty happy with it!

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