Wednesday, 2 May 2012


I love NZMM! Pre-kiddiwinx, my Huni and I would make the most of the awesome NZ music talent, before they became the household name they are now, we watched Op Shop in a back bar in town, Blindspott before they became a huge success, (but have since disbanded and make up Black List and I AM GIANT). Tiki Taane is awesome, Hollie Smith, Maisey Rika, Anika Moa are all so beautiful and soulful. There are so many more to list but I instead I will post a vid a day! Enjoy!

So, first up is 


I am yet to see these guys live, missed them both times they were in town because Master K was still a little bubba and we had a shortage of babysitters at the time! Now they are touring (taking over) the world! Hopefully next time aye!

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