Friday, 24 February 2012

Must Do: 29 things before I turn 30

This is my last year in my twenties! So during our summer holiday I sat down and tried to write a list of 29 things to complete before I turn 30! So far I have come up with 24 things, any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!!
So here goes....

  1. Sky Dive over Whangarei Well, it ended up being Taupo!
  2. A trip to Whakapapa - had tickets to go but weather wasn't playing nice!
  3. Toboggan down the snow 
  4. A Bungi Jump
  5. Shots with my Huny
  6. A romantic night away
  7. Pat a Lion cub with the kids
  8. Ride down the Luge -Still too chicken to do this. FAIL
  9. A Mexican night
  10. Run 12 k Round the Bridges - Nov 18th
  11. Date Night with my Huny
  12. Movie Date Night with Miss A
  13. Host a Themed dinner party
  14. Visit the Glowworms
  15. A picnic on a beach
  16. Walk up Pirongia
  17. Swim with a Dolphin ONE DAY.
  18. Laser Tag
  19. A Pro photo shoot
  20. Attend at least 1 Warriors game BOO! Fail!
  21. Have a crack at the Roulette table
  22. Sew matching dresses for me and Miss A
  23. Go to 1 live gig, at least DDub 04.05
  24. Reach goal weight: 70kg AWESOME!
  25. Start Small Biz Management course
  26. Enrol to do Mauri Ora
  27. 12 Random Acts of Kindness
  28. bake for a stranger
  29. Learn to knit

Random Acts of Kindness
1-3. Ninja Cookie Drop 


  1. Hey I got ur website from Fat Mum Slims website, just wanted to say your photo of Master K in the up theme was very cute! Also, the idea of 29 things to do before thirty sounds like a really good idea! Can't wait to see what more you have in store!

    1. Yay! First comment! Thanks so much!
      I have so many ideas swimming around! Feel free to make any suggestions too!
      I look forward to following your blog too!

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