Thursday, 23 February 2012

Feb Photo Challenge

I have always wanted to do a Photo Challenge but never found a really good, fun one to do.... until I found this one on Pinterest!

Although, some days just fly by and before I know it, it's the end of the day and I didn't even think to take my daily picture! But I did manage to take a few photos during this months challenge!

1. My View Today
2. Words
This free printable sits in our kitchen window sill
Thanks to Lil Magoolie!

3. Hands

4. A Stranger

5. 10am

6. Dinner

7. Button
Master K had an outtie at birth, I love his belly button!

8. The Sun
My Son in the sun at breakfast time!
9. Front Door
This is my old front door that my Huny made for me,
It is outside and upside down, but represented our family
before Master K arrived
10. Self Portrait
This could also double as Day 21, Fave photo of myself!
11. Makes me Happy
What else could I think of but my babies, in the sun, having fun!
12. Inside Closet
Nothing amazing in there,
but a big reminder to have a big clearout!

13. Blue
Miss A LOVES blue! Here she is in her fave blue dress

14. Heart
Valentines Day! I made Chocolate Brownies and cut out love hearts
for Miss A to share with her friends

15. Phone
I didn't know how to take a pic of my phone as that is what
I use to take my pics for the challenge!

16. Something New

17. Time
Well! Time just flew by without me even realising I hadn't taken a
picture for todays challenge! 

18. Drink
Mmmmmm, Coffeeeeeee!

19. Something You Hate to Do
That would have to be leaving my babies! But didn't think to take
a picture of them before I left for work today!
20. Handwriting
Pretty writing in the wardrobe thanks to Miss A

21. A Fave Picture of You
I adore these little moments with my babies

22. Where You Work
Well, today just happened to be a day off for me and did not want
to go to work just to complete todays challenge!

23. Your Shoes
Nothing exciting here.
(I did buy a new pair of shoes today, still in the box, hiding!)

24. Inside Bathroom Cabinet
Do you really want to see that????

25. Green
I love the green-ness of our fruit trees,
I can't wait for our nashis to ripen up! Nom Nom Nom!

26. Night

27. Something I ate
     (L) Yesterdays failed attempt at White Choc Mudcake  (R) What was left tonite, not all by me of course!

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