Thursday, 23 February 2012

KiaOra Blog World!!!

Well, I am a Mumma of two beautiful children, Miss A (4) and Master K (8 months), with the help of my Huni, who I have been with since we were sweet 16! I work parttime in a job I do enjoy and have made great friends. And I have many interests, which also means I have many lists of things I MUST do, MUST make, MUST bake, MUST create! A lot of these things on my many lists have come from the big wide world of the web, Pinterest namely! That is a very dangerous cyber world right there! 

So I have decided to blog all about my many MUST DO/MAKE/BAKE lists. And also to blog about the memories I want to make with my beautiful family, and hopefully, one day, they will be able to look back on this and remember the great times we have had making memories!

I also love to use my cameras, either my DSLR (which I MUST relearning thee art of the Manual Settings) or my trusty phone camera (with it's many different camera apps)! I have soooooo many photos on my computer and SD cards, which I really need to organise! Which brings me to another MUST! ORGANISE! 

So on my list of things to do are:
- Must Make (whether it be sewing, crafting, recycling, upcycling......)
- Must Bake (so many treats of deliciousness to be made)
- Must Do (mainly memories to treasure)
- Must Organise (I have lists for lists of lists that need to be done! Seriously!)

I am sure there are more things that MUST be done, but I'm sure over time it will come to me! 

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