Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend! This week was a sad occassion, we lost a very special lady in our lives but now she is at peace. She will be extremely missed. Over the past few days we have had a lot of family time and it has been so good to have our home full, we have laughed and cried and eaten so much food! Golly there was a lot of food! And now we all try to get back into some sort of normalcy (not sure if that is a word?!) that is once the kids have made the most of all the chocolate the Easter Bunny has left them! Gosh they were spoilt!

Miss A woke up this morning super excited! The Easter Bunny had left a bucket with some tiny eggs and a note beside her bed. She was so excited she had to wake her brother up and start hunting!

Meanwhile, I went on an Easter Hunt of my own, at the Farmers Market! I feel sluggish and blergh after an unsettled week, not eating the nutritious meals that I should be, so with a list of foods given to me by a good friend, I am going to get back on track with a 7 day detox. Check out my basket....

I also stocked up on frozen berries before the Olde Berry Farm closes for the season.

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  1. Wow that's a great haul from the Farmer's market. Looks delicious. Love the purple carrots.