Wednesday, 30 January 2013

NYs Resolutions/Goals

Do you make New Years Resolutions? I prefer to make a list of goals, last year was by 29 before 30 list, I think I got thru half of them. This year I have a list of "fun runs". Wanna see it????

10th Feb - 5km, Blueberry Fun Run time: 30.38 minutes
24th Feb - 6km Kakepuku Fun Run time: 38.18 minutes
13th April - Rotorua Xterra, 11km:  1hr 22.18 minutes
12th May - Cambridge SUB Stride or Ride, 10km This event was canned but I found another event, the Jennian Homes Mothers Day run. 5km 29 minutes!
26th May - Huntly Half, FAIL! I was sick!

17th August - Tough Guys and Gals (apparently super fun!)

31st August - Whangamata 10km  1hr 1min 28sec
6th October - Hamilton Half Marathon 1hr 1min 05sec
17th November - Round the Bridges, 12km
23rd November - TriMaori, 10km

Now they are here for all to see I HAVE to complete them!!!!!
I'm really looking forward to the Tough Guys and Gals, it's a 6 or 12 km mud run, people get dressed up and have a great time, then after is a great big party with other competitors! So far, my Huni and my parents are keen to do it! Check out the photos here

The other goals I have is to get enrolled into a Small Biz course and also to keep making more fun memories!

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