Monday, 14 January 2013

JANUARY Photo Challenge

Goodness me! I am getting pretty slack huh! It's half way thru January (ALREADY!!!!!) and I still haven't put up Fat Mum Slim's challenge. So here we go.....

I am trying to re-acquaint myself with my DSLR so my pics will be in different formats, depends on where I am at the time.

2. Something New
First plums for the neighbours tree

3. Heart

4. The View From Here

5. Movement

8. Something Beginning with T
Tickets to Life of Pi. Great movie!

9. Paper
Miss A writing her story of the day

11. Water
Like our own kind of hydroslide?

14. Something Yellow

17. Ready
1st apple from the tree!

19. Delicious
This Boy eating a plum from our tree

26. Together
On a hikoi together!

27. Sun
Finish work and this is what I see!

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