Friday, 22 February 2013

Meal Planning

Time to get organised and back on track. Again. I'm so sure I have said this several times. Well, anyway. I did spend alot more this week at the supermarkets. But what with the Yellow shop having a meat sale, lamb legs were $7.99kg! So the freezer is full and I have done a stocktake and should not have to buy any meat for a month. Fingers crossed.

I've been pulling out old food mags for ideas and have some great new recipes to try out. If they are a big thumbs up from the family I will put them up here for all to try out. I try to get meals that are cheap and healthy, preferably wheat free but it's ok if not always.

Because our shopping day is on a Thursday this menu is starting from Friday, just makes it easier for me.

FRIDAY          Asian Pork Subs
SATURDAY      Ham & Spinach Quesadillas, homemade tortillas
SUNDAY        Roast Lamb with loads of veges
MONDAY        Portugese Chicken and Salad
TUESDAY        Spiced Chicken with Beans
WEDNESDAY     Thai Pork Mince on Rice Noodles
THURSDAY       Sushi
FRIDAY          Plymouth Pie
SATURDAY       Beef Korma
SUNDAY         Picnic @ The Winery Tour
MONDAY        Tandoori Chicken
TUESDAY        GF Corn & Courgette Fritters w/ Salad
WEDNESDAY     Slowroasted Leg of Lamb
THURSDAY       Fryup with last nights dinner
FRIDAY           Sausage and Kumara Meatloaf

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