Sunday, 14 October 2012

Somethings cooking in the Kitchen

My blistah has been hinting at me for quite some time that I should make Macarons. You know, the french treats of deliciousness that have made a massive revival! So with egg whites thawed out I set out to give it a go

I was a bit worried that these were a bit flat and I had failed already. But I left them for the required time (1 hour) on the table and decided I better do some baking for the kids lunchboxes, school is back tomorrow!!!!
Master K washing his hands ready to help

I made ABC (apple, banana, chocolate) mini muffins, a GF Muesli slice loaded with LSA and extra seeds and dried fruits. AND made dinner ready for tonite while I am at work.

Now ready to put these flat, shiny discs in the oven and see how they go.
Not bad for a first attempt I must say!

With not much energy left or fancy fillings, I made a pink vanilla buttercream to fill

And by the sound of the Mmmmm's and Oooohh's they pass the taste test!

It's a good thing I have 4 willing taste testers to devour these as I am trying to stick to my healthy eating goal! Now to get the vege garden going. But for now, I better get ready for work!

Recipe thanks to Vanessa at Bubbalino.

P.S. We sampled an amazing macaron at the Markets a couple of weeks ago, Caramel with Salted Caramel filling. I think I mite attempt these for a birthday coming up in November! I found this on Pinterest!

Recipe found here:


  1. Wow your macaroons look amazing and have feet!!

    1. Thank you! They were pretty good! Patience is a key ingredient when making them!